Balancing Work & Wanderlust: The Part-Time Digital Nomad

Shannon Cheesman
5 min readOct 31, 2023

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Try It

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It seems ideal, doesn’t it — working wherever you like and living a wanderlust-driven existence, also known as the “digital nomad” lifestyle. You might imagine yourself sitting on a tropical beach, typing away on a laptop with your bare feet in the sand. Or maybe the mountains are more appealing, and you’re in a hammock checking your email on an iPad with your boots pointed up at the sky.

It’s a lifestyle that can be challenging, though, and it’s not for everyone. There are logistics issues, plenty of uncomfortable workspaces that make it hard to get work done, money matters to consider, and so much more. Plus, you can quickly lose your sense of stability and routine.

Enter the hybrid version known as the “part-time” digital nomad, which gives you a taste of the travel/work lifestyle while letting you hold down some roots. You have a remote job and travel part-time, taking your work with you while away from your “home base.”

My husband and I have been so-called part-time digital nomads for several years, and we love it. To be clear, we’re not the type of travelers who head overseas to exotic locations; we’re U.S. travelers. Our preferred mode of travel is with our camp trailer in tow because we love the outdoors. We also fly to see family, attend college football games (my husband is a fierce Oregon Ducks fan), and visit new places.

While we’re not “worldly” travelers, we have learned quite a bit about the digital nomad lifestyle as part-timers. And we’ve found it’s a sweet spot for us because although we thoroughly enjoy traveling, we also like having a place to call “home.”

Home is where we have a comfortable bed to sleep in, a hot tub to ease our aching bodies (we’ve reached our 50s and find ourselves sore a lot now), and our giant living room TV. Being a part-time digital nomad is the perfect balance between our desire for ‘home’ and thirst for adventure.

If you’re considering the same lifestyle, here are five questions to ask yourself before jumping into the deep end.

#1. Can I afford it?



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