10 Things I’ve Realized Now That I’m Over 50

I’m Definitely Feeling ‘Old’ Now

Shannon Cheesman
5 min readApr 11, 2023


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The day I turned 50 was a turning point for me. I had suddenly reached that age where I considered myself ‘old.’ The wrinkles on my face, the grey hairs, and the aches and pains in my body only confirmed it.

That was a year ago. I recently turned 51, and my birthday couldn’t pass fast enough. I didn’t want to celebrate it or have anyone acknowledge it because, once again, I felt ‘old.’ I just wanted to get through the day and forget it had even come and gone.

I did, however, take some time to think about all the things I’ve learned in life and what I’ve come to realize as I’ve gotten older. In many ways, I’m wiser. But, in other ways, I still have much to learn. There’s a lot to unpack after you’ve spent more than half a century on this planet. Here are a few of my thoughts.

#1… I now enjoy the things I hated as a child and teenager.

I take naps, stay home on Friday and Saturday nights, and thoroughly enjoy the days when I get to do absolutely nothing. I’m in bed early every night and always finish my dinner.

#2… I wear clothes that are comfortable, not trendy or fashionable.

Not that I was ever a fashion plate, but these days, I favor a good pair of Skechers and soft, loose-fitting clothes that feel good. Tight pants, itchy shirts, and ill-fitting items I wore because they were “in” are no longer in my closet.

#3… I buy quality items.

Now that I’m older (and have more money), I don’t have to deal with cheap stuff that breaks, needs mending, or must be replaced often. I buy bed sheets with a higher thread count, solidly-made furniture, sturdy dinnerware, well-made clothes, and vehicles I can count on to get me down the road.

#4… I’m done climbing the career ladder.

I’ve spent decades advancing my career and climbing the ladder of success. It’s taken me to a good place, and now I’m done. Of course, I still work hard, strive to learn new skills, and will always be a team player, but my…



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